Warp vs Warp+ Unlimited

I used the app to send feedback about this as well - ID: 110024

I’ve paid for Warp+ Unlimited on my iPhone, and that’s working fine. But, I’ve also added my MBP (and my iPad) to my account’s list of devices - and I’ve verified I’m using the same account and key on my iPhone, iPad, and MBP. But, on my MBP, the “WARP by Cloudflare” app that stays in my Menu Bar only says “Warp” instead of “Warp+ Unlimited” (see attached screenshot). On both my iPhone and my iPad, the app says “Warp+ Unlimited” with the same Key.

Is this just a simple UI issue or am I - for some reason - not getting full use of Warp+ Unlimited on all my devices?

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You can check by visitng this URL https://www.cloudflare.com/cdn-cgi/trace

It should say warp=on (for the normal unpaid version), and warp=unlimited (or something similar, for the paid version

Thanks - it says only “warp=on”. So, how can I fix this?

And what does it say on your phone?

If it’s different and they are on the same account I think you should contact support (on the mobile app) regarding this

Oh! I see now. … Huh… it says warp=off in Chrome on my phone. (Even though the app says Warp+ is connected.) Weird. I’ll do like you said and contact support. Thanks again.

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