Warp VPN without SORM and Revizor

Hi. I have some worries about privacy in Warp and want to clarify a few points.

  1. Are you going to install SORM (wiki/SORM, another wiki) into your Warp VPN network to help Russian special services to track users?

From wiki:

  1. Are you going to install Revizor (review in Russian), a network device that checks that sites censored in Russia can’t be accessed from your VPN/network? It is required to be installed for every internet provider in Russia.

UPD: VPNs are required to install revizor too, from here:

Here is a translation of https://t.me/zatelecom/10333, RF is Russian Federation:

You’re going to have to contact Cloudflare officially to get their response, but I bet they’re not going to install SORM/Revizor, or any other type of back door.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

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Well, considering that Cloudflare does have infrastructure in the Russian Federation I would assume they will have to comply with the laws in place, just like they have to in the United States and the European Union, where similar things exist.

Also, as evident from the posting you quoted, Cloudflare will not hide the original address anyhow, so any privacy related discussion is somewhat irrelevant anyhow.

Thank you. I have sent a written call to the support and attached a link to this thread and also a link to this file: https://git.io/fight-cheburnet.

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