Warp + unlimited with Mac OS client

Hi Community, I have question regarding my IOS Warp unlimited+ Subscription. I want to use it with my Mac OS desktop client in order to get better speed and performance. Is this possible at all? I cant find anything about this at all. Also I cannot find any support related to the Warp + service on iOS apps.
Thank u for your answers in advance! Gerne auch in Deutsch…

As it’s an Unlimited subscription, I can’t imagine they’d let you use it on multiple devices. I’m not even sure the Desktop client can use Unlimited. For the regular Plus plan (limited bandwidth), you can share that license across multiple devices.

Out of curiosity, does the App show a license key under your Account settings?

The generic Terms of Service say the license is only for that device.

I can use it on my iPad App too with the same plan. But I can only access it automatically because I paid over the apple App Store. Yes there is a license key and it isthmi there that I can use it for multiple devices . But how can I put that key Into the desktop app?

Desktop also has a Settings for Account that lets you change the Key.

Ok I found out. The key can be put in the account section of the preferences . Now it is warp + unlimited on my Mac.

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