Warp+ unable to access private network, log shows GetVirtualNetworks() returned: ApiError

We recently started using Cloudflare Teams and one of our users is having trouble accessing the virtual network. I’m able to use their teams user at my location via warp without an issue. They cannot use the same user at their location to access virtual network IPs. They are able to access applications without an issue.

I’m really stumped by the issue, but we’ve found this line in their warp log:

2022-04-23T10:22:53Z|ERROR|GetVirtualNetworks() returned: ApiError |Warp.UI.IPC.WarpIpc|
022-04-23T10:22:53Z|INFO|Updating trusted networks for status: NoNetwork |Warp.UI.Models.TrustedNetworksModel|

Any ideas?

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