WARP Ubuntu VM Flapping (Connect/Disconnect)

Been doing some testing with a WARP configuration and running across an odd issue, so far this doesn’t happen on Windows machines only on this Ubuntu Desktop machine I’m running.

I can open WARP/ZeroTrust, join my domain, activate it and it does work, for a few seconds, then it just goes back to “connecting” and will either Connect or Disconnect with an unknown error, then eventually reconnect again. It’s definitely working when it is connected, some block rules I have tested are working as expected.

Any ideas what would cause this flapping like behavior? I’ve bounced the VM a few times as well with no luck.

I’ve also verified that nothing is being blocked network wise (my upstream firewall is allowing all traffic to inverse matched RFC1918)

Ignore me, for anyone finding this later, the culprit was a custom MTU I was using to test some stuff. Reset all my network settings to default but forgot I had the MTU set at 1300 for a vxlan thing I was working on. Anyway, so far it’s been up for about 3 minutes without issue when before it would last mere seconds so I’m 99% sure this is good to go now.