WARP ubuntu client may have major memory leak

As of ubuntu client version 2022.10.116 seems to have a large memory leak of around 1~1.5GB a day.

Seems to be the same issues as the one for MacOS had.
cf. WARP macOS client has major memory leak.

Can you share how you’re measuring this? Not seeing this on my version of Ubuntu 20.04.5

Sorry, but I have not been able to debug this in detail.

I am running warp on a 3core, 2GB VPS.
There are a few processes eating resources, but a little over 1GB is the memory capacity warp has at its disposal.

The warp RSS grows to that size in no time, starts paging, runs out of swap, and is killed by OOM repeatedly. Even if I add about 200-300MB of additional memory space, warp uses up that amount and the same phenomenon occurs.
Maybe it’s just that the amount of memory is low to begin with.

vps system stats

warp process stats