WARP, Tunnels & Wireguard with internal DNS - is this usage acceptable?

What is the name of the domain?


What is the issue you’re encountering

Hi - I am a hobbyist and my intended use of Cloudflare was to run a tunnel to make use of WARP to access my home network securely wherever I am. However, I would also like to use my internal DNS resolver (combination of dnsmasq and controld) for any connected traffic. The only way I was able to achieve this is by getting the Wireguard configuration and altering the DNS entries. I realise this isn’t the intended use of the WARP system, so wanted to double check with you that this is OK to do? Alternatively is there another solution available to me that would allow me to specify my own DNS for use with clients connected via WARP? Other than seeing lots of “2024-07-10T07:11:10Z DBG Session terminated error=“session closed by remote due to terminated by edge” connIndex=3 event=3 ip= sessionID=” errors in my logs, the current set up seems to be working just fine.

Hi @pookie,

Please follow our Private DNS · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs documentation for instructions on the supported way of having WARP use your local DNS server to resolve DNS for your local resources.

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