WARP -> Tunnel : accessing resources by Hostname (not IP)

Hi! Hoping for some help - I’ve picked at this for over a week and just feel stuck, hoping it’s something super simple !

I’m simply trying to use WARP to connect to a Tunnel, and access local resources through hostname not IP address. I have SMB and RDP working, but only by specifying IP addresses directly. Ideally the hostnames would resolve (locally) and I could access computer.local:3389 instead of 172.16.0.x:3389 when connected to WARP.


  1. Cloudflare Tunnel created
  2. Connector running on local network
  3. WARP installed on client
  4. Everything working great through IP address directly when conected to WARP, but if using local hostname it does not resolve.

Is there something I’m missing here? Thank you !!

I should add, I have a Private Network created on the Tunnel, mapped to the IP address as CIDR and this all works, just not using hostnames. The idea being : when I’m at home I want to connect to SMB shares using the hostname (which my router resolves) and when remote and connected to WARP I’d like to use the same hostname and have it resolve to the local IP.

Final note - I can achieve this by editing my laptop’s hosts file, mapping computer.local to 172.16.0.x - but this seems like not the way to do this?

Did you find a solution to this?

Sounds like what you need is to add computer.local to your local domain fallback and then route through your tunnel. All can be done in the Zero Trust Dashboard:
Local Domain Fallback · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs
Connect private networks · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

Make sure that is not listed in your Split Tunnels.
Split Tunnels · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

I am having a similar issue. I have few tunnels setup for some people, and they are working when I ping hostname. Now when I setup recently tunnel, I have to use hostname. Local to get response. Local DNS fallback is setup with local DNS. I have excluded the IP from split tunnel, and it will not work with just the hostname. Any suggestions?