WARP to WARP Tunnel IP Addresses

So currently i’m running cloudflare warp on two debian machines on two different sites, so I have a Tunnel for each site.
From my client I can reach the servers that are running warp with the 100.96.0.X IP that is assigned via warp, but I can’t with their original IP eventho the range is also included.
Is there some kind of NAT Setting that I have to enable?

What’s your split tunnel config? Check if you’re excluding/ including that IP range

I’m including.
The connector thats installed in the Network has as policy include for and
The other connector that’s installed in the Network has and as include.
Both are connected to seperate Warp Tunnels that have the IPs to tunnel according to the network they’re installed in.

I had it now working, magically, for about 5 Minutes and then it broke BY ITSELF.

Guess this really is a beta.

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