Warp to Warp - How to access services on each device

I enabled warp to warp for my zero trust account and removed 100.64/10 from split tunnels as it’s in exclude mode.

I have a linux machine with warp-cli installed and connected to the Cloudflare network using service auth tokens. The other machine is a windows machine with the warp client installed and logged in as a normal user.

Both devices are visible in the devices list in the zero trust interface and I can sometimes ping each other using their assigned IPv4 addresses shown in the device list in the web interface. ping seems to be a bit unreliable at times.

I also set up a simple Go HTTP server on my Windows machine and can access it locally. However, I am unable to access it from the linux machine, despite both machines being connected to Warp. Is there something I am missing?

On the linux server I am using warp-cli 2023.1.133 and on my windows machine, it’s WARP 2023.3.185.1 (beta).