Warp-to-Warp and split tunnels in include mode

I have been prototyping a setup using warp-to-warp and so far it has worked really well. For my setup, I only want warp-to-warp traffic to go through warp.

I created a device profile and set split tunnels to include mode. Then I added to split tunnels, but I am not able to connect to the machine from my desktop via its virtual ip.

I disabled warp on the target machine and ran ss and saw connections to, and These IPs are in the range documented here: IP Ranges . After adding to split tunnels, I was able to connect to the target machine from my desktop. However, it is unclear what these ip addresses are for, what they do and whether they will change in the future and break my setup.

Can someone from Cloudflare explain what these ranges are in relation to warp and warp-to-warp and if there is a host name I can add to split tunnels in include mode in case the ips change in the future?

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