Warp Teams and NextDNS concurrently

I have been checking out Warp Teams, but I found the Dashboard a bit too intimidating, yet I wanted to have the vast network of Cloudflare at my disposal. So I checked if I can use Warp Teams and NextDNS together, and so far so good, it works. The system Private DNS is set to NextDNS, and the Warp Client is running in Always On mode.
Not the other way around though! That miserably fails, or needs some extra tweaking.

As you can see from the screenshot, both and NextDNS are in use - the latter receives the traffic from the Cloudflare Gateway, so the sophisticated, yet easy to use filtering capabilities are applied.

I call this a win-win.

Oh, and for extra measure, I have AdGuard VPN browser extension in Kiwi Browser (the only suitable browser on Android) in Selective Mode (so it is only triggered for certain sites), with system DNS.

Now, that is a win-win-win.

However, I would switch to Warp-only, if the management of filtering was more extensive, while also more intuitive, and the UI more mobile-friendly. Have some of the most popular block lists also available.

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