Warp taskbar icon on a Linux desktop

I run Warp on Linux Mint 20.3. I’ve always had to control Warp using the warp-cli command. After a recent upgrade, an icon appeared in my taskbar. It seems to indicate whether I’m connected to Warp or not, but it doesn’t let me control the connection. When I right-click on the taskbar icon, I get the following drop-down menu:


Are there supposed to be items on this empty menu?

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I am facing similar issue in Ubuntu 20.04 with Cloudflare-warp (2022.5.346-1) installed using focal ppa. Both left and right click aren’t working on Cloudflare icon but it does indicate warp connection status.

Same issue here.
Ubuntu 21.10, WARP 2022.5.346

Only warp-cli works

As @armujahid mentioned, the taskbar icon do however indicate connectio status.

there is this project: GitHub - mrmoein/warp-cloudflare-gui: a GUI app base on warp-cli for linux

bumping this, anyone ever find out how to fix this?

The pulldown is an artefact. There are no options to turn it on and off again.

If one wants a GUI, the options are per the GitHub project.

If you’d care to have a quick-link to enable disable, I do this (My OS’s are centred on Mint Cinnamon, so modify these ideas to suit your base accordingly):

1 - Make TWO shell scripts, one to turn it on, another off.


warp-cli disconnect
sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart
sleep 2

and the warpOn.sh

warp-cli connect
sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart
sleep 2

2 - using the terminal, for each script make them executable with chmod +x warpOn.sh and chmod +x warpOff.sh

3 - Ensure the scripts are in your terminals $PATH. (or add the directory, to the path. See what your path is via cat $PATH )

(This is where things will diverge for you if you are not Cinnamon Desktop - modify the ideas accordingly)

4 - Make two desktop launchers (right click, add new launcher)

This will add two cool icons to your desktop. Follow your nose on the inputs (its easy) and click the “rocket” to change the icons.

Example of the warpOff.desktop file is

[Desktop Entry]
Name=WARP Off
GenericName=WARP Off
Comment=Disconnect and restart network

By adding the Desktop Launchers, you will be asked if you want to add them to your Cinnamon/Gnome menu - YES - is the answer.

5 - Open the Menu, drag+drop the new icon from the menu onto your taskbar.

This will give you two quick-link icons to turn the WARP on and off.

Hope this helps someone. :slight_smile:

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I thought to let everyone know that this is a project I’ve been thinking about for a while.

The skeleton is done. Its in Python and Qt5. Its will be FOSS’d onto GitHub (will link once its in a decent working condition).

  • Its an Applet for the Linux Desktop and toolbar/taskbar and can be driven from there (sort of like the windows one)
  • It shows on/off WARP, click button for on/off.
  • toolbar icons that will be Themes aware (I use a script to LightMode during the day and DarkMode at night and the Warp Client disappears on a white background)
  • It also has ALL the options one can see via warp-cli -h such as stats, set-mode, blah blah
  • Saves the chosen options
  • Im not sure I’ll log its activities as the journalctl will show everything thats useful

It WON’T do all the fancy gateway stuff, teams, or custom routes. This is simply because people who are doing this will be comfortable with the warp-cli.

I wanted a visual tool for Windows Migrants :slight_smile: and Linux Desktop newbies so they have a tool that is vaguely familiar. Also for myself as I like Pretty Icons :slight_smile:

Im adding icons now. Should be done by Monday.

EXAMPLE so far of a basic-but-working