Warp-svc leaves so many close_wait state connections behind which leads to a server performance deteriorate

I am using cloudfare warp version: 2022.9.591 on my ubuntu 20.04 LTS machine and cloudfare warp runs in proxy mode, i use it as a socks5 proxy server connected from my firefox version 106.0.5 browser through local proxy mode. After server hours of using the Cloudflare warp, i notice some of my service which runs on my machine is showing Too many open files error, then i run the command " netstat -natupl | grep warp", it shows 2386 close wait connectings , i restart the warp-svc service and too many open files error disappeared. So i tested several days and find that the Cloudflare warp always leaves so many close wait connection behind and it didn’t close connections automatically and disturbed other network connection services. Can some of you help me to fix this issue?

THis is what happend after five days.

It shows 433 close wait connections not properly closed.