Warp stopped working for Sophos

I study at a university where Wi-Fi provides blocked websites, even the necessary ones such as WhatsApp and other messaging platforms like Telegram. Professors regularly send updates and notes on WhatsApp. I used to use Warp to bypass this limitation. But then, after one month, Warp stopped working. I am not sure what happened, but it doesn’t work anymore. Any idea how to fix it.

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Hi @chriscfarmer58,

Are you able to connect to WARP or are you getting errors when trying to connect? It is possible that your university blocked Cloudflare IPs.

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I am not getting any errors at all. It just says Connection is not Private. I once got Unable to Connect - Happy Eyeballs Failure error but thats about it. Any idea how do I bypass it. I use my data but it gets over fast.

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