WARP+ Slow Down in KUL

1st of all, WARP+ is slow down
is this true that colocation is auto relocate to nearest data center even though mine supposedly use KUL instead of SIN. its fully operational.

the speedtest for this result are as follows, when i am using, the speed is very fast

when using with WARP / WARP+, it’s slowed down the speed

is this so called fast WARP having degrade performance past these days?

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Hi @jayfreddy94

Was your datacenter always SIN or was it originally KUL, and then it was changed to SIN?

Yes, It was originaly KUL, but then changed to SIN and was always SIN by then until now.
Is it that bad if datacenter using SIN instead of KUL?
I am experiencing slow loading when using with WARP+. Now downgraded to WARP or only use as it was better than WARP+

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