WARP sends Japanese users to America

From June 12, when using WARP in Japan, the connection destination was changed to a US server. As a result, services linked to the region such as Amazon Prime and Hulu are no longer available in Japan. Is there a way to solve this with WARP enabled?

Just try once with DNS instead of turning on Warp

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Just a note that we are actively working on two solutions for this problem:

  1. How do we ensure folks in a country with a WARP colo ingress/egress through that colo for local content. This is especially troublesome to folks on country borders where technically the fastest route is into another country, but then that breaks geo restrictions on content :frowning:
  2. Split Tunnel ability for you to say “All Netflix traffic should be excluded from WARP”
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At your scale, and without Netflix being a direct customer, couldn’t you work with netflix so they accept warp/warp+ traffic, granted this would require CF to be able to issue netflix certificates so you can do your mitm and add appropriate X-CF-WARP-USER-GEO-ISO2: JP header?