Warp routing to Kansas with high ping

So, I went to speedtest.net for the 5 thousandth time ever and today for the first time it’s always routing to Kansas servers (I am nowhere near there) and if I turn off Warp I get 3 ping and the usual local servers. Wtf is wrong with Warp?

Warp is working fine for me and The Status is also operational in Status page so WARP is all right :+1:

WARP Operational

Yes but just because it says operational doesn’t mean that it is routing to the correct location. Did you even read my post?

Thank you for notice.

From Cloudflare Status page → https://www.cloudflarestatus.com/, seems to be working fine, no incident(s) and no issue(s) as for now :thinking:

Probably due to the local ISP / peering …

Well it only started doing this recently and so I’ve been turning it off since it increases my ping 20x (3 x 20 = 60) what I get with it off.

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