WARP routing ISSUE (INDIA) Asianet GigaFibre ISP

My WARP connection is getting routed to Singapore instead of Bombay . This is causing high ping and some websites refusing to show content . 1 month ago my WARP connection was ok as it was routed to Bombay and my ping was around 21-22ms . Now its around 50-112ms Please fix this issue


This is most likely because your ISP is choosing a different (cheaper, faster, more efficient) route. I have a FAQ topic for this which has some more possible explanations: https://developers.cloudflare.com/warp-client/known-issues-and-faq#why-am-i-not-connecting-to-a-closer-cloudflare-point-of-presence

Note we intentionally don’t offer the ability to choose your colo. Your scenario is completely valid.
but the vast majority of folks want this to skirt intellectual property rules (watch Netflix in another country, listen to radio, etc…) which isn’t what we are about. It would be interesting to allow this within your own country though, i’ll add that idea to our backlog.

thank you for replying

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