Warp+ Referral Program

Hi everyone!

I got a lot of friends signing up for Warp and I have a good reward because of that. But my last phone died and now when I reinstalled Warp on my new phone, all my rewards are gone.

I have my referral code. Can I use it to reactivate my account? If not, anything else I can do?


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There is no way to transfer WARP+ data, unless you have access to the old device (just opening the app once is enough).

If you are able to open the app on the old phone, go into settings -> account -> key. That is the account unique identifier. I don’t have a newly installed app on my devices to exactly test where to put that key into, though, as mines are already connected together.

Unfortunately, my old device does not turn on, so there is no way to get my key. Thx for trying to help.