WARP really useful in Germany?

Hi. I’m new here and I apologize if this topic is at the wrong place. I’ve looked for some other posts here but never found an answer or solution.

I’m from Germany and Cloudflare is always connected to a DNS server in Frankfurt. While Munich is closer to me. I have a 500 Mbit/s fiber connection from the Deutsche Telekom DTAG.

When I’m enabling WARP the connection is sometimes very fast, sometimes a bit slower. But the ping is really awful.

When I’m disabling WARP and only use over TLS or HTTPS everything is very fine.

412 Mbit/ down, 115 Mbit/s up, 6ms Ping

My questions are why I have these problems with WARP enabled. Isn’t it very useful in Germany? I’ve also tried to reconnect and reinstall but no changes.

The utility of a thing is measured by the value it provides. What are you using Warp for? What problem does an addition 12ms of ping time to a speed test node represent?