Warp+ queue #

First post here, hoping it’s in the right place :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hey guys! wondering if someone could help out here, so, I’ve been on the warp+ waitlist since it was announced last month and been eagerly watching the # decrease.

However, just had to replace my phone, and when all the apps downloaded themselves from the backup I had done, I went into to see if set itself up correctly, thankfully (almost) everything saved itself, the only thing that’s didn’t is the wait list for warp. I’ve gone from 174000 to just over 840000. Is there something I can do to go back to my original place? or is all I have left is sitting and waiting with my new place in the waitlist?


Probably sit and wait. Did you also happen to waitlist on another device?

This does make me wonder how tied to a specific device the signup process is attached to. So if I’m 100,000 on one device, but 200,000 on another, can I get both devices connected when 100,000’s time comes.

I have the same issue

I don’t think CF could do this without infringing on its own Privacy Policy:

2 Information We Collect.

Mobile Application Information: When you install the Mobile Application on your device, we receive limited information, such as the fact the Mobile Application was installed and your operating system. We do not receive your phone number, device ID, IP address or any other information that could identify you when you install or use the Mobile Application.

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