WARP proxy mode: idle connections closed after 10s


We use WARP in proxy mode to access resources in a private network. Connections to a database that sit idle for 10s are being closed. I believe Cloudflare is closing the connection. The database does not show connections being aborted. I also found that if I send the following requests to an endpoint that can delay its response, the behavior varies if I use WARP or not (see commands below). One final test I tried was switching to gateway mode, which did not have the failure. However, we specifically want to use proxy mode.

Is there any mechanism to adjust the idle timeout period?

# (Successful) Delay response by 11s, no WARP
curl -k -vvvv https://hub.dummyapis.com/delay\?seconds\=11

# (Fails) Delay response by 11s, proxying through WARP
curl -k -vvvv --proxy socks4://localhost:40000 https://hub.dummyapis.com/delay\?seconds\=11

# (Successful) Delay response by 9s, proxying through WARP
curl -k -vvvv --proxy socks4://localhost:40000 https://hub.dummyapis.com/delay\?seconds\=9