Warp Problems android apk

Sorry for my english.
Warp apk on Android.

On device with armeabi-7a “android 6.0 and 7.0.1” system
In Warp version 6.31 and 6.32, when you click connect it says “device not registered, Please try again” and it never registers so I cannot update to these versions. It also does not allow you to enter the menu, click with a connected mouse or with the controller cursor you put it on it and when you click it it does not enter the menu.

6.7 registers, connects but cannot access the menu.

Since Warp 6.2 the menu can no longer be accessed, I can’t change or configure anything.

Up to Warp 6.1 (1755) the menu was accessible, including this version. The device registers and connects. For example, it connects to YouTube, I close it, go to the browser and it doesn’t connect. On the contrary, I open the browser and it connects, I close and open YouTube and it doesn’t connect. After several attempts it may connect. Or everything may work the first time.

Since December 2023 in 3.9 (774), sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t, it had good days and some bad days. The trick was to renew the keys or disconnect and connect. Even if you don’t have traffic, it always connects.

Since January 2024 in 3.9 (775) I have no traffic, I cannot see anything with warp, not even setting only the DNS function. Connected but no traffic.
In the logs it says repeated…

com.cloudflare.app.vpnservice.exceptions.SecurityException; “Untrusted certificate”
Also sometimes and before in a single line “class com.cloudflare.app.apierrorhandler.ApiException: null”
In boringtun records, and these 3 lines are repeated.
INFO “udp”:boringtun: “[Debug]Sending keepalive”

With the Intra.apk application, DNS 1.1. 1.1 does work

Tested with 2 providers in Spain, Movistar and Másmovil, on 3 different routers. It seems that the connection uses the server in Madrid (Spain)

Another IMPORTANT problem, at the end of November and beginning of December 2023 warp could work with the address api . atresplayer . com but it stopped working and warp no longer works with it, you can’t see anything from there. You can only exclude that route, I know that it can be done with version 6.31 or 6.32, which on this Android device with Android 6 or 7 does not work, it does not register the device and I cannot enter the menu.

Thank You.

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