Warp posture check and access not working?


Apologies if this is a really simple answer but i can’t seem to get the logic of device posture right.

I am currently testing access with Warp and its working fine. I have setup some saas apps and a link to AAD as our provider which is all working fine. I have installed warp on a Mac device, added some basic posture checks (OS version, encryption) and everything is showing in the console as i expect as passed, i can also see this as passed on the device. All good so far.

However, if i put an access policy on one of our saas applications to require encryption or any other device posture, it fails. Running the test policy also shows it fails. The user account email will pass but the check will fail on the posture, even though the machine has warp, traffic is flowing down it, the same user is logged in etc. It’s almost like the device posture i can see on the device and in the devices tab itself is not being passed to the policy? My intial thought would be to include our email domain and require posture to access the app but it just isnt working.

Am i missing something, i have gone away and come back to this every few months thinking a fresh look might help or a bug may have been fixed but its still the same. I may very well be missing something but going through the docs and options, it looks like it should just work.

Any help will be hugely appreciated.

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