Warp plus activation in iran

As you may know, Iran’s economy has experienced a severe decline in the last year due to the imposed sanctions from the United States. Consequently, the Iranian currency, Rial, has significantly lost its value, and today, one US Dollar is roughly equal to 63,000 Rials. Due to this hardship, the Iranian salary has become significantly low compared to other countries. You can simply verify my words by searching the phrase “Least Valuable Currency in The World” on Google, and you will find out that, unfortunately, Iran is on the top.

To have a better understanding of this severe situation, the total monthly income of me (my parents divorced, I live alone) is something around 150 US dollars, which is surprisingly low! And my monthly expense is approximately 140$, which is achieved by being as frugal as possible.

It should be noted that due to the political situation in Iran, the government has severely reduced the internet bandwidth and limited our access, so we cannot use the Warp option and we urgently need the Warp Plus option to access the Internet.

I want to ask your kind committee to make an exception and waive the registration fee of warp plus for me. I would really appreciate it if you could do this favor for me.

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Hi there @aramedel78,

Thanks for reaching out to the Cloudflare Community, and very sorry to hear about your struggles.
However, either WARP or WARP+ are not a VPN service, so it would not really work for the intended purpose (circumventing Governmental internet restrictions/blockages).
WARP+ does not change / circumvent any ISP level blocking, nor do we advertise that as a feature of WARP+.

I reached out internally to our WARP product team but it is unclear how we can assist you further.

Thank you.

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