Warp+ outbound IP address (still) changes frequently

As reported many times before (i.e. see Frequent IP changes with WARP+) users have reported that their Warp(+?) outbound IP addresses change very frequently and while the report above had been closed in 2022, this still happens today.

I got caught by this behavior by being blocked by a remote API when calling it in parallel multiple times, and the APIs automatic security mechanisms blocked my API client credentials because it was coming from different IPs.

The part that I didn’t expect was that -one- (continuous) WARP+ connection results in this behavior, so it’s not like I have multiple WARP+ connections open and ‘multiplex’ my API calls across these, I am just using that one and it results in (apparently) every tcp connection going over it being treated / routed independently and differently ending up in an ever changing outbound IP from the Cloudflare/Warp network.

Are there any active plans to change this to just one outbound IP or any other changes in that behavior given that the last response by anyone from CF I found here are a year old and nothing has changed.

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I’m not seeing frequent IP changes since the issue I raised in the topic you linked was resolved. At that time, my egress IP was changing 2-3x per minute. Now I’m seeing a change 2-3x per day, which is not an issue for me.

I have the same problem. The export IP always switches frequently between the two.