Warp on My MacBook not showing icon

We have about 100 MacOS users on ZeroTrust/ WARP. For all of them, we deployed from our MDM (addigy) and WARP works properly, it starts automatically and the icon is in the top bar on start-up.

But for me… while WARP definitely loads on start-up for me (i can verify this based on the process list of running apps and by viewing my internet route/ external ip) - the icon for the WARP client doesn’t appear in the top bar. I have to go and manually launch the app to get the icon to show.

This has been happening to me for months, I’ve uninstalled/ reinstalled, I’ve got the latest client Version: 2024.1.160.0 (20240124.7) and it just persists.

The big difference between ME and the rest of my users that do not have this problem… is that I installed WARP manually for testing long before we deployed it to them. I think there must be some config somewhere that is a relic of one of those early installs. Would love some help figuring it out as I know I’m not the only one because if you search for this issue, you’ll see others and none of them seem to be resolved.