Warp+ on Linux

Hey! I was wondering how one would go about enabling Warp+ via the Cloudflare Warp CLI on Linux. I’m currently running Cloudflare Warp on EndeavourOS (Arch Linux Distro)

I have setup my license key via warp-cli registration license (REDACTED) but unsure of where to go from here. The docs don’t mention anything of a Warp+ mode

I’m not sure registration is for the license. Try warp-cli set-license YOUR_LICENSE_KEY

And then warp-cli account to check license status.

It said it was deprecated and to use registration license and marked it as a success, hence my usage; but I’ve tried it.

Here’s the output from warp-cli account (clipped out device id, public key, account id, and license – all valid)


Adding on, what’s the role mean; it’s also showing my account type as “Limited” which I’m assuming has to do with that.

Looks like it just started working


What does the Role: Child mean, however?

“Role:child” would imply that you are not the owner, and the key was generated by someone else. Where did you obtain the key? It seems implausible that it has 2.4 PB of data. You can use Warp+ without payment, solely through 1 GB referrals. Why hasn’t Cloudflare implemented a limit on the number of referrals, as surely someone may have exploited the system to accumulate 2.4 PB of data? In my opinion, Cloudflare should ask users to purchase the Warp+ plan after a certain number of referrals.

I got referred to use it myself – though I’ve decided to stick my current VPN instead as Warp was a bit slower than it.

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