Warp+ on Android is metered


I noticed that the Cloudflare Android Warp+ VPN connection is set to metered and there is no way to change it. Could you please allow users to choose whether they want it to be 1-metered 2-Unmetered 3-Copies the network connection settings?

There is similar issues with other well known vpn providers as described in here Zerotier VPN on Android is treated as a metered connection, even when underlying network isn't metered - Community Support - ZeroTier Discussions

API documentation VpnService.Builder  |  Android Developers

Thanks for the great work.

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Iā€™m still experiencing this problem and it prevents some background tasks to work (including apps update, high quality video play back, download on Wi-Fi and more)

Wish someone could take a closer look at this.

I have have this issue.

Me too. This prevent the device to install/update through Google Play