Warp on 2 Windows 10 accounts on the same pc

When you have more than one logged in accounts on to a Windows 10 PC I notice that only the first account has warp running. Trying to load it on a second log in does not work. Does that mean that warp not working and will not work on the other accounts?

I guess the application might only configure auto-start for the user who installed WARP, but not on other user accounts.

Yes, but when I start the application manually it runs but doesn’t load the icon in the system tray. :bulb: :thought_balloon: I think I’ve just answered my own question. In the second account where the Cloudflare icon is not visible on the System Tray I just checked the services that were running with Task Manager and there it is. So it is running but the control (on/off) can only be done from the first account logged on. Thanks for the inspiration Eric.

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