WARP not working properly on iOS

It seems like WARP doesn’t circumvent blocked sites where I live on my iPhone. Is this a known limitation within the WireGuard protocol or is that a limitation with iOS?
It works as expected on Windows and macOS though.

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Warp is not designed to bypass content restrictions. Anytime it does is an unintended effect of the service rather than intentional feature.

I understand the design intentions of WARP but just the fact that it’s based on WireGuard and the fact that WireGuard bypasses restrictions; I am unsure why WARP wouldn’t do the same ONLY on iOS. I am asking if this is a limitation with iOS itself or WireGuard because I was never aware that VPNs could behave differently on different platforms.

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Can you elaborate?

This sounds like the title should be changed to say “WARP not working properly on Windows and macOS”.

It’s a VPN at the end of the day that uses the WireGuard protocol for encryption so yes it will bypass blocked content but it won’t bypass geographically restricted content necessarily.
It does work as intended on Windows and macOS but not iOS.

What type of block are you trying to get around?

Just typical websites that are blocked by the government. WireGuard or any VPN unblocks that because your data is essentially encrypted and sent to the VPN server first so yes it should work. I just don’t understand why it doesn’t work on iOS specifically.

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