Warp not working on VM

Can I install warp on a virtual machine of windows on AWS. Because when I installed it shows like this

Service - check the Windows Services (via Search or Task Manager) or via CodeStuffStarter if the WARP is actually set on Automatically and/or Started or Disabled.

This helped me first time as it was Disabled.

Exit program. Start again and re-check if you can connect.

I believe you are using Windows Server VM right?

If I remember correctly there were some issues while installing Cloudflare WARP service inside Windows Server due to missing components related to networking, which needs to be installed.

And here’s my piece of advice: even if you can get the WARP service installed properly, do not attempt to connect. Your entire remote RDP session will freeze and you won’t be able to reconnect to RDP session anymore - unless you restart the EC2 instance. This is also a bad idea if the server is currently running production applications.


Ok, but will it be safe

I didn’t get it

You can definitely do this for fun, but do it with your own risk.

I’ve tried this before, and I can assure you that what I said is true.

Hmmm :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:, my one is free VM, which is like sandbox

Still not working, anything else

Refer to this:

I can’t remember the components needed to install, but you may dig into the logs.

Update: WARP service depends on wlansvc (Wireless LAN service). You need to install Wireless LAN service first.

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You were correct :slightly_smiling_face:, I deleted the ec2

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