Warp not work

Hello, the app always remains like this (updating connection info …) Sometimes it works but not every time! Also the application has become slow in the internet and not as it is said to speed up the internet! Also, when activating warp +, there is no difference in the speed of the internet from warp !!

Thanks for the feedback, you can submit bug reports with additional diagnostic data from directly within the app if you like.

Hello, how are you ? The application has become banned in Iraq by Earthlink Company Iraq (AS50710) I have contacted with the ISP and said we will not break the ban on the application … I have tried in every way to run the application but failed and the application is used by thousands of people in Iraq and it is excellent and very famous in Iraq but now Not working due to the ban , please find a solution to this problem or is there a way to run the app? Is there an endpoint ip that differs from that in the app??