Warp not connecting on wifi

Warp is not connecting while on wifi but connecting on 4g


  1. Can you reach if you aren’t connected to WARP?
  2. Have you recently encountered this problem?
  3. Do you have this problem in the mobile or desktop version?
  4. Do you have any other VPN installed?
    And do you have any other Internet Security software installed (other than Windows Firewall)?
  5. preferences, connection, “reset all settings” and then reconnect.
  6. Have you tried with other internet (Wifi) to see if Warp connected or not?

Please also test if the needed Ports for Warp to working are open on your Wifi. Because it is working on 4G it seems more like a Router Firewall Problem.


  1. Yes I can reach but not warp
  2. Yeah from yesterday
  3. Mobile version
  4. No but I tried with other vpn’s and they are commenting.
  5. Tried that but no use