WARP+ not activating


I recently bought WARP+ from the Android app, after the payment went through using Google Play, and received the receipt via email, the WARP+ is still unavailable.

Saw on an older thread this link and used it: https://www.cloudflare.com/cdn-cgi/trace it says warp=onwhere it should be warp=unlimited

Does anyone know if it takes some time or I should do some more steps?
I need the key after this to use it on my Windows Box for the WARP app.

If details are needed, I will gladly provide them.


Hey @adriantheone sorry that you’re having this issue. Are you using the same email address here in the Community and Android play store?

cc @kkrum

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Hi @rommy,

The solution for me was simply reinstalling the app. But this should not be a standard, my expectation is that after the payment goes through the plan will be auto-activated.

Thank you.

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@adriantheone can you help me understand the repro steps here?

  1. Installed Android app
  2. Purchased WARP+ subscription
  3. Bug: App did not show WARP+ active until you re-installed it?

Is that correct?

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My quick fixes for any bugs with CF WARP is go to Menu / Settings / Preferences > Connections / Advanced section and choose Reset encryption keys + Reset all settings.

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Hi @kkrum,

That is correct, after the purchase the app was behaving as the free version no WARP+ available.


Did you by chance file a ticket with via the bug icon in the app when you are in that state? If not can you do so now and respond with the ticket ID that gets emailed to you?

@kkrum after I reinstalled the app and saw that everything was in order I kind of abandoned the chase after a solution, so no ticket was opened regarding this issue. If you want I can send some feedback via the app regarding this issue.

One thing I want to ask you, I saw that WARP+ windows app has the ability to white list some IPs but the Android one does not, do you by any chance know why?


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