Warp+ not activated even after subscribing to Warp+ Unlimited

I am a subscriber of Warp+ Unlimited plan and had faced no issues. However, this month after renewing the subscription I’m stuck with basic Warp even though the payment went through and is being shown my Google Play Store account.
I have tried the following steps

  1. Resetting the app - No change
  2. Reinstalling the app - No change
  3. Resubscribing -If I try to subscribe again I receive a message that I already have subscribed to Warp+ unlimited.
  4. Restoring the purchases - When I try to restore my purchases I receive the message - “Your order is being processed. Please try again in a short while.” It has been more than ten days since the problem started but I still get the same message.
    Any suggestions? What to do or whom to contact?

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