WARP no longer connects, blocked by my ISP?

WARP/Zero Trust on Windows 10 here. Was working for more than a year with no issues, but about a month ago it started struggling to connect every time, sometimes it succeeds and sometimes it doesn’t.

This is what I get:
Unable to connect
Connectivity Failure (Unknown Reason)

This is what it says if it connects successfully:

I tried to dig through the logs but I have no idea what im looking at.

If it fails to connect for the first time, it almost never succeeds even if I let it loop connecting for hours. I noticed it only works when I fully restart my computer, then I usually get lucky and it connects right away and continues to work until I disconnect it or turn off my computer at the end of the day. Continued likes this for about a month.

But today, no matter what I try it just refuses to connect. I was only able to get it to connect about 2-4 times but in every single one of them it disconnects within 2-5 minutes. Is this a case of my ISP starting to block access to Cloudflare DNS or something? How can I confirm this? I say this because I see no one else here started having the same issue as me (im in Saudi Arabia).

Please help! I rely on this service to access a website on a daily basis! Im well aware that this is a dead community with zero official support so im not expecting anything, but if anyone knows any solution or even an alternative (not a VPN) please let me know.

May I ask if you’re using the lastest updated version of WARP for your client/device? :thinking:

Just in case, did you changed some settings at the Cloudflare ZT Dashboard?

Is the W10 updated or some update occurred and possibly affected some changes, like Internet options, proxy in the Settings or Control panel?

Regarding the error you’ve mentioned, may I ask have you checked the Docs for any possible feedback and troubleshooting steps? :thinking:

Strange a bit.

Thanks for feedback.

I have had one event in past, but that was the ISP.
For some unknown reason, the ISP provided DHCP IPv4 and IPv6 and things started to mess-up, not only with WARP, but also with other apps on the machines of my client (18 in total) at work.

May I ask if your ISP is particularly “wire” or rather “mobile” type provider? :thinking:

Good way of thinking and thank you for creating this topic to bring the issue upfront for search of a solution to it.

Not quite, rather some issues occur for the 1st time, that’s for sure.
A lot of factors could be “in between”, and we cannot be sure for everenone’s case, at least it’s not the same solution.
Here at the :orange: Community everyone gives and does our best as we can.

May I ask if you’re using a Free or Paid plan for Cloudflare and what kind of type for the Cloudflare Zero Trust? :thinking:


Strange, it suddenly started working right after posting my thread, and now it even works every time I disconnect and connect again, which never happened since this whole thing started about a month ago!

Hopefully it stays this way. I’ll give it a day or two to test it out then I’ll reply with everything you asked about if it stops working again. Thanks.

After further testing, it appears Kaspersky Plus is 99% the cause of the issue. Weird because I remember doing tests way since this whole thing started a month ago, I tried closing everything that may affect WARP (such as Kaspersky Plus & AdGuard) but the issue remained, so I thought they had nothing to do with the it and I never attempted to test it again. I continued struggling like this for a whole month. Can’t remember how many times I had to restart my PC just to get WARP to connect!

I tested it for 2 days now where if WARP refused to connect, I just go and quit Kaspersky Plus and after that it usually connects right away, then I re-open KP again and things continue working smoothly for the rest of the day. Now it kind of makes since why restarting my computer was the solution most of the time, I guess maybe because WARP was sometimes starting and connecting before Kaspersky Plus has started?

So how do I report this issue if there’s no way to get in touch with Cloudflare support as a free customer? Is Kaspersky responsible for fixing this or is it Cloudflare? Bear in mind this doesn’t happen 100% of the time, sometimes WARP still connects even if KP is on. Feels like it happens randomly.

Since you’ve indicated the problem goes away when you quit Kaspersky Plus, the problem would, as you indicate, appear to be with their software.

If anything should be reported, it would be to them, and not to Cloudflare.


Or yourself, if it is a problem on your end (e.g. configuration error).

From a quick glance at their website, Kaspersky Plus includes both firewall, and unlimited VPN.

Both of them can interfere with WARP (or any other things requiring connectivity).

The firewall could have WARP blocked, so that you simply need to open up for the traffic.

It could also be the VPN part of Kaspersky Plus that is interfering with WARP, … so you could eventually try deactivating that, and see how that goes.

Although WARP doesn’t let you choose country and other fancy things that (at least: some) VPN providers allow you to do, the principle with the actual connection is the same, and both are to be considered a “VPN connection”, even if they do not necessarily provide the same set of features (e.g. country selection).

Running multiple VPN connections simultaneously is not completely impossible, but depending on their configurations, they can add quite a bit of headache, including scenarios such as the one you explain.

Kaspersky Plus for my country doesn’t come with a VPN, so im running bare here which means nothing is interfering with WARP. My firewall isn’t blocking or restricting WARP in any way either (as far as I can tell from these settings):

I’ve also been running in my current configuration for many months with no changes at all and things were working with no issues, but something changed about a month ago. Not sure if WARP or Kaspersky Plus got updated and started causing the issue.

Only AdGuard can interfere with WARP but I already reported the issue on their forum some months ago and they got it patched up and now they play together nicely.