WARP Modes on managed networks too limited with iOS

I have configured a managed network on my local network and it is being detected correctly. The profile that I created for this managed network is being applied correctly.

I’m testing with an iOS device, so two of the WARP modes (Proxy and Secure Web Gateway without DNS) are [unavailable](https://developers.cloudflare.com/cloudflare-one/connections/connect-devices/warp/configure-warp/warp-modes/).

All I want to do is disconnect WARP entirely when on this managed network. Can there not just be an additional mode called “Disconnected?” I just want the VPN connection to terminate when the iOS device joins my managed network and then to reconnect when it leaves. This seems really easy and like a typical use case. Am I missing something?

Same issue :frowning:

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Did you ever figure out a way of doing this?

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Nothing. It’s super frustrating. The closest I could get is setting the managed network’s mode to Gateway with DoH. At least in that config, my traffic is routed locally, but it’s still using Cloudflare for DNS, which isn’t what I want in this case. I want the device to use the local DNS servers as well so that I can take advantage of caching, etc.