WARP Managed Deployment For ChromeOS

I’m having trouble with a managed Chromebook deployment using service tokens to authenticate. I am able to push the app and certificate using Google Admin center but for a managed deployment it is asking for JSON instead of XML. I convert our XML config file to a Json file, but the app doesn’t seem to be recognizing the JSON config.

Has anyone had any luck with this before?

I’m also interested in this, I would like to set our Zero Trust team name for the ChromeOS app via Google Admin. No luck so far…

Found a solution on reddit, figured I post it here for others to help out:

from: https://www.reddit.com/r/CloudFlare/comments/11g41xu/warp_on_enterprise_chromebooks/

  "organization": "organization-name",
  "onboarding": false,
  "auto_connect": 60,
  "service_mode": "warp",
  "support_url": "https://warp-url.com"

Is this still working for you? For some reason, I keep getting invalid credentials when trying to enroll warp on ChromeOS using service token.