WARP MacOS/Linux not working


I’m trying to implement WARP at home and there are some strange issues…
Unfortunately, I have to use dual-NAT in my network.

Installed WARP on iPhone, works perfectly

Installed WARP on macOS and Linux and when I connect no network connection is possible even DNS resolution is times out. I’ve checked my FW config, enabled QUIC I even moved the Mac and Linux to the same FW Rule where the iPhone works, but when I start WARP client and connect all external network traffic is blocked.

I can accept the dual-NAT is an issue, but I don’t understand why it is an issue only for a Mac or Linux and not for iPhone.

Any idea how to fix this?


I have a similar issue. Installed WARP for Mac but I lose all internet connectivity when turning on WARP+. On further investigation it appears the DNS is the issue. On activating WARP+ the primary resolver on Mac OS changes to I can ping this IP but it’s not resolving any domains. I can still ping IPs on the internet okay, I just have no DNS resolution.

Another annoying bug is that is also kills my Google Drive (stream) and locks up Finder and I need to restart to get Google Drive working again. FYI the current version of Google Drive (stream) runs an SMB server and you connect to the share within that, which synchronises with the online Google Drive. Not sure why it’s killing Google Drive but I suspect it may be due the massive amount ip routes WARP creates when you turn it on.

WARP ver: 1.5.463.0
MacOS: 11.5.1


The issue appears to be when using “DNS Protocol: WARP”. Changing to HTTPS or TLS I’m then about to perform DNS resolution ok and can access websites.

Once connecting with WARP+ and checking my IP, it seems it’s only IPv6 that is being routed through Cloudflare. My IPv4 is still my regular ISP internet connection and doesn’t seem to be routed through Cloudflare.

Update 2:

I seemed to fix the Google Drive issue my adding to the list of excluded IPs.

Another peculiarity regarding the IP addresses- sometimes on turning on WARP+ I do get an IPv4 Cloudflare address, but then my IPv6 is my ISP assigned address. It seems I never have both an IPv4 and IPv6 Cloudflare IP address at the same time.

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Update 3:

Doesn’t seem like this fixes the Google Drive issue. My Google Drive still disconnects (the SMB share) after a while.

What network, route and DNS changes is the Cloudflare VPN app making on MacOS? Is this documented anywhere?

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