WARP macOS client has major memory leak

As of macOS client version 2022.5.310.0 (20220606.16), there appears to be a large memory leak of around 500MB to 1GB a day. I’m not sure whether this is relative to traffic or what, but it seems continuous. I’ve reported this through the app as well, but figured I’d post it here for maximum visibility. This leak also doesn’t go way when restarting the WARP connection.

The app also doesn’t seem to kill the underlying CloudflareWARP process when I quit the menu item, so I have to kill that process to get the memory back.

Investigating further, it appears it’s leaking the SCNetworkReachability checks. This is rather funny to me since I reported a similar bug many years ago in the OpenDNS DNSCrypt client. This is a small sample of leaks after running for just a few minutes.

leaks Report Version: 4.0
Process 81002: 16832 nodes malloced for 22663 KB
Process 81002: 11305 leaks for 1133072 total leaked bytes.

    11305 (1.08M) << TOTAL >>

      15 (1.45K) ROOT CYCLE: <SCNetworkReachability 0x10660a9d0> [304]
         14 (1.16K) ROOT CYCLE: 0x600000b15b00 [48]
            CYCLE BACK TO <SCNetworkReachability 0x10660a9d0> [304]
            11 (1.00K) 0x600000516460 [32]
               10 (992 bytes) 0x600000b15ef0 [48]
                  6 (528 bytes) 0x600000516840 [32]
                     5 (496 bytes) 0x600000b162e0 [48]
                        1 (304 bytes) <SCNetworkReachability 0x10660a2e0> [304]
                        2 (112 bytes) 0x600000b16130 [48]
                           1 (64 bytes) <pthread_mutex_t 0x600001015600> [64]
                        1 (32 bytes) 0x600000516520 [32]
                  1 (304 bytes) <SCNetworkReachability 0x10660c590> [304]
                  2 (112 bytes) 0x600000b163a0 [48]
                     1 (64 bytes) <pthread_mutex_t 0x600001015d00> [64]
            2 (112 bytes) 0x600000b15f50 [48]
               1 (64 bytes) <pthread_mutex_t 0x600001015bc0> [64]

      15 (1.45K) ROOT CYCLE: <SCNetworkReachability 0x1066228c0> [304]
         14 (1.16K) ROOT CYCLE: 0x600000b320d0 [48]
            CYCLE BACK TO <SCNetworkReachability 0x1066228c0> [304]
            11 (1.00K) 0x60000050cd00 [32]
               10 (992 bytes) 0x600000b31ef0 [48]
                  6 (528 bytes) 0x60000050ce80 [32]
                     5 (496 bytes) 0x600000b32100 [48]
                        1 (304 bytes) <SCNetworkReachability 0x106624c40> [304]
                        2 (112 bytes) 0x600000b31ad0 [48]
                           1 (64 bytes) <pthread_mutex_t 0x600001036fc0> [64]
                        1 (32 bytes) 0x60000050cde0 [32]
                  1 (304 bytes) <SCNetworkReachability 0x106623e60> [304]
                  2 (112 bytes) 0x600000b32160 [48]
                     1 (64 bytes) <pthread_mutex_t 0x600001036d00> [64]
            2 (112 bytes) 0x600000b31f20 [48]
               1 (64 bytes) <pthread_mutex_t 0x600001036b40> [64]

Same here!
in mine its using regularly 1 GB to 1.5GB
Hope they fix it soon

Same issue here, except 3.84GB after running for 24 hours.

@nuno.diegues @abe Sorry to tag, and this may not be your product, but is there someone we tag with this or a better avenue for reporting the issue?

@jshier no problem at all. Thank you for flagging. Do you happen to have an open support ticket? If so, would you mind sharing the ticket number here? I can help get this prioritized internally from there.

No, but I’ll create one. Should we open normal support tickets for WARP client issues like this in the future?

I actually don’t see a way to file a ticket for this. The “Get More Help” button on my account simply takes me through a wizard that ends with no additional support found. Is there a direct link to creating a ticket somewhere?

i’d say they’re aware of the memory leak based on this changelog. i’m having other issues with this release and looking for a fix :frowning: hth


Known issues

  • Memory leak in the CloudflareWARP daemon process that can slowly grow over time.

see also Memory leak on macOS? · Issue #733 · warpdotdev/Warp · GitHub

We are aware and working on a fix. It’s been in there for awhile but a recent change we made in 2022.5.310.0 made it grow at super speed :frowning:

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I’ve never seen those release notes before. Does Cloudflare host them directly anywhere?

That’s an unfortunate known issue. And would it be possible to include the available release notes somewhere in the app? I guess we get the Sparkle notes, which I should read more closely, but viewing them in the app would be appreciated.

i found that link in my travels and keep returning there for lack of a more direct method of identifying changes in the WARP product.

@jshier re building in the release notes to the client, i’ll file a feature request for that, good idea.

Re ways to find changelog, the Cloudflare One version of the download page here: https://developers.cloudflare.com/cloudflare-one/connections/connect-devices/warp/download-warp/ has links to the release/beta builds (and associated release note) hosted on app center.

Not sure why our consumer endpoint to that same info doesn’t show the beta build location but i’ll follow up. This is the consumer version of the downloads page: https://developers.cloudflare.com/warp-client/get-started/

Edit after posting. We plan to ship a hotfix for this memory leak issue in a couple day


Looks like this was fixed in 2022.5.342.0, thanks! No leaks at all now!

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