Warp macOS Client Bugs

There seems to be a long list of issues when using WARP with macOS and Zero Trust:

  • Launch at Startup is Greyed Out
  • No Exit in the application
  • Cannot Join Beta (good to test upcoming features before the rest of my users)
  • Cannot add Wifi Exclusions - Interface Greyed Out
  • When Booting up or Waking up out of sleep, client says no network even though it is connected. Need to toggle off and on again
  • Bug report missing

Are these being looked at? Cloudflares documentation on known bugs isn’t great. I know that some settings are controllable by the dashboard, however none of the ones mentioned above seem to be listed there. We don’t use a deployment for Zero Trust at the moment as its still being trialed properly, so don’t want to lock down any of these features at the moment and want it as open as possible until we are ready to go live.

Some of these options should be controlled by the plist or other managed settings (e.g. bugs should be reported to your IT which can be configured in your client). Do you have your settings that you can share (anon as needed)?

Don’t have the plist for these options. Dev pages only show a few options and can’t find one for enabling or disabling/enabling/locking the startup option, Exit appearing, Exclusions, etc…

Unless there are undocumented? At the moment this is a manual enrolment and isn’t automated as mentioned, so surely all options would be default except those set on the dashboard?