Warp MacOS Beta - IPC Error

On MacOS Catalina (10.15.7) the Warp Menu bar window is stuck with “IPC Error” below the On/Off switch, with further detail of “Retrying connection to daemon.”

I saw a line in the changelog for this update version 1.2.1521 that IPC Error handling had been improved, but this issue remains.

The in-app feedback just spins its wheel and never appears to succeed in submitting the bug issue, so I’m posting here.

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Hey @markusf can you try turning the main toggle switch off and see if you can submit that way? If not can you do the following?

Likely the Daemon is in some stuck state. A reboot may solve it as well

  1. Drop out to a terminal window and type warp-diag and hit enter
  2. A warp-debugging-info.zip file should be placed on your desktop
  3. DM me the zip file?
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Hi @kkrum,
Thanks for the reply.

The main toggle switch is disabled. I did just reboot with no luck.
I have the debug zip file, but permissions on this forum don’t allow me to DM you. I’m happy to reply with the zip if you can start the DM thread?

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Hey markusf, replying here in case this helps other people. From your logs it looks like we had a problem installing over the previous version. Can you try a full uninstall for me with this instructions: https://developers.cloudflare.com/warpclient/setting-up/macOS/#how-to-remove-the-application

And then re-install from the site

I have the same problem. Were you able to get markusf’s problem resolved? Thanks,

I followed the uninstallation process with the uninstall script, then reinstalled the fresh download from site, but got the same IPC Error and grayed-out main toggle switch behavior.

I’m interested in trying with a system reboot between uninstall and fresh install, but can’t reboot my machine yet.

I tried what you suggested, and received an error when reinstalling WARP that said I don’t have administrative privileges, which I most certainly do have.

I thought it might be helpful for kkrum to see my application.log. I continue to have an IPC error when I startup WARP beta on my Mac with Catalina running. I’ve tried rebooting and reinstalling, but no luck.
I would like to send a larger sample of my application.log, but I’m not sure how to do that; so I’ll just send the first few lines showing that problems begin almost as soon as the app starts up:

201022 14:35:51.169 [INFO][7419.FileLog.start()]Log started, build: 1.2.1562.289ddb10
201022 14:35:51.233 [INFO][7419.WarpPanicManager.checkVersionValidity] (6.7 MB) Checking current version validity with API server.
201022 14:35:51.421 [INFO][7419.WarpPanicManager.checkClientConfig] (7.6 MB) No panic alert active for current version.
201022 14:35:51.421 [INFO][7419.WarpIPC.checkVersionValidity] (7.6 MB) No active panic alert for this version.
201022 14:35:56.235 [INFO][7419.WarpIPC.connectToDaemon] (8.4 MB) ipc_create() returned nil after five retries.
201022 14:35:56.235 [ERROR][7419.WarpIPC.doDaemonSetup] (8.4 MB) connectToDaemon() failed.: Error Domain=Cloudflare_WARP.WarpIPCError Code=0 “IPC client is invalid.” (code 0)
201022 14:35:56.235 [INFO][7419.WarpIPC.start] (8.4 MB) doDaemonSetup() failed.
201022 14:35:56.236 [INFO][7419.AppManager.start] (8.4 MB) WarpIPC.start() failed.
201022 14:35:56.236 [INFO][7419.AppManager.reconnectToDaemon] (8.4 MB) Starting daemon reconnection.
201022 14:35:57.236 [INFO][7419.WarpIPC.isDeviceMDMManaged] (8.4 MB) Getting managed status: false
201022 14:35:57.237 [INFO][7419.SparkleUpdateManager.checkForUpdatesInBackground] (8.4 MB) Checking for sparkle updates in background.
201022 14:35:57.350 [INFO][7419.PopoverPresenter.anchor] (8.9 MB) Window Anchor Position - POS X: 2018.0 | POS Y: 1418.0 - Fullscreen: false
201022 14:35:57.350 [INFO][7419.PopoverPresenter.anchor] (8.9 MB) Original Position - POS X: 2012.0 | POS Y: 1418.0
201022 14:35:57.360 [INFO][7419.WarpIPC.getOperationMode] (9.2 MB) Current operation mode: Warp.
201022 14:35:57.361 [INFO][7419.WarpIPC.getAccountType] (9.3 MB) Daemon not running.
201022 14:35:57.361 [INFO][7419.WarpIPC.getGatewayID] (9.3 MB) Daemon not running.

I installed the app for the first time today and got this problem too. OS Catalina 10.15.7.
While reading the log using warp-diag, I see this:

[2020-10-26T13:53:39Z DEBUG warp_svc::settings] Loading settings from file “/Library/Application Support/Cloudflare/settings.json”
[2020-10-26T13:53:39Z ERROR warp_svc::settings] Os { code: 2, kind: NotFound, message: “No such file or directory” }
[2020-10-26T13:53:39Z INFO warp_svc::warp_service] AppSettings: Always On: false; Mode: Warp; Cloudflare for Families: Off; Disabled for WiFi: false; Disabled for Ethernet: false; Enable DNS logging: false;
[2020-10-26T13:53:39Z ERROR warp_svc::warp_service] Error loading WARP configuration KeyringError(MacOsKeychainError(Error { code: -25300, message: “The specified item could not be found in the keychain.” }))
[2020-10-26T13:53:39Z INFO warp_svc::warp_service] No configuration file
[2020-10-26T13:53:39Z INFO warp_svc::warp_service] Warp IPC listening on “warp_service”

Maybe it’s the error?

Getting same IPC error on macOS Big Sur. Any fix yet? I am on the latest version right now. (I just installed the app 10 mins back.)

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I’m having the same problem as OP. I have a warp-debugging-info.zip file that I want to send, but I don’t see how to do that here. Sorry, I’m brand new to Cloudflare’s feedback site.

Also, I want to make clear that this problem appears to be happening with the beta and the stable. I have been able to use WARP successfully on Windows 10 on several machines. But it does not work on my mac running catalina.

Screen Shot 2021-01-01 at 2.27.30 PM

Hey Bmh, are you still seeing this with the latest version we released on the 29th? If so please use the Send Feedback button (below references and above About WARP in. your screenshot).

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I’m having this same issue, but when I try to do the warp-diag command in Terminal, I get an error saying the command is not recognized.

Hmm that means something is messed up in your install. Can you please try fully removing the application by following the instructions here:https://developers.cloudflare.com/warp-client/warp-for-everyone/setting-up/macOS#how-to-remove-the-application and then downloading from scratch and re-installing from

Why can’t we get a definitive solution to this problem? Uninstalling and reinstalling the WARP client that is recommended over and over again in this thread just doesn’t work. Sending debugging info that never gets a response is ridiculous. What do we have to do to get a real solution to this IPC connection error problem?

We’re now up to release 1.3.58 (no mention of Beta) and it’s never worked.

I’ve just now tried the advice above to fully remove the app, reboot, and then re-install from scratch; still no dice.

I’m using a case-sensitive filesystem - I wonder whether some resource path is mis-capitalised.

In any case, gui-log.log contains repeated instances of:

[INFO][11631.WarpIPC.getGatewayID]Daemon not running.
[INFO][11631.WarpIPC.isDeviceMDMManaged]Getting managed status: false
[INFO][11631.WarpIPC.connectToDaemon]ipc_create() returned nil after five retries.
[ERROR][11631.WarpIPC.doDaemonSetup]connectToDaemon() failed.: Cloudflare_WARP.WarpIPCError.invalidIPCObject (code 0)
[INFO][11631.AppManager.reconnectToDaemon]Daemon reconnection already in progress, skipping.

… just as already reported above, almost 4 months ago :frowning:

As an update, I’m now able to submit a ‘feedback’ from within the Warp/ preferences window on version 1.3.58. I download/retry (un)installation of Warp with each update to macOS, since there are no updates here to trigger my attempts. I’ve most recently attempted installation of Warp on macOS Catalina 10.15.7, build 19H524. Warp still reports an “IPC Error” within the menu bar screen. Hopefully the feedback ticket submitted entirely within the application helps.

Perhaps this issue could be added to the Known Issues page and release notes so we could get updates when it’s fixed?

I randomly started having this issue about a month ago. It worked fine all through Catalina & even the first update or 2 of Big Sur then randomly after the latest CloudFlare update 1.3.58, I am constantly getting an error “IPC Error Retrying connection to daemon.” When attempting to turn the VPN on.

The app also seems to be hanging constantly at this point as well and gets stuck in this state and cannot be switched off. When this happens, I have no connectivity at all. The only way to resolve this is by completely uninstalling the application via Terminal script.

I’ve sent feedback and messaged on Facebook but have received no response…

Also, is there a place to view release notes online so I know if an update has been released?