Warp Login App code has been emailed to you - not email received

At first I just had a blank enrollment permissioned saved and that didn’t work. So I just added a single policy with an allow rule:
Incude: Emails
Value: my email address

Still not getting any email verification though, is there another enrollment rule that needs to be set?

Were you able to get this resolved @mikehall?

No, I have not, appreciate any suggestions to try.

Any ideas to try?

It’s working now.

How did it get done?

Are you having issues with WARP Device Enrollment policy @hishaohao?

I’m sorry that when I log in to Cloudflare WARP using my Cloudflare Zero Trust account, my email does not receive my verification code.

I show emails as delivered, are you still having issues @hishaohao?