Warp+ license key forgot


I had warp+ but I formated my mobile & also pc (new window installation)

Now I have only warp id of my account & I forgot warp license key.

Is there any way to recover it?

Please explain.

Hey there @toppnoobz,

Try submitting Feedback from your device which in turn creates a support ticket for the Warp team to review. There may be a way to track down your account based on your Warp ID. You can reference this community post in the Feedback form. You can submit feedback by tapping on the bug icon from within the Warp app.

I hope this helps!

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Hi, Thanks for reply, I found my warp key somewhere saved but now when I m trying to change my key to old one it says "too many devices " so does it allocated to someone else?

As for now I m not using any device with my old key.


That’s odd. You may want to include those details in the Feedback request. I don’t believe the keys are repurposed, as it could be a case where your devices that once used this key may have not “deregistered” the key itself. Anywho, submitting the feedback would be the best way forward here.


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