WARP issue: Your Cloudflare Access org has used all of seats


Today same issue happen like here Cloudflare teams have been reach Seats utilization this month

on our Cloudflare for Teams account when company member try log in to WARP on Android phone via Google as IdP

Of course a lot of free seats availiable on our account

Ticket sent: 2334131

Any idea how debug cases like this? Or only CF support?

Is that what you see in the Teams dashboard? Have you been cycling through users this month? In other words, a cumulative number of seats exceeded your limit. I don’t recall where Cloudflare is in this, but I thought they were working on a way to let you clear seats to free up space.

I’ve escalated the ticket, so you should hear back tomorrow.


Plan type: Teams Access

Users: 266 of 276 available users

I see that you’re ten short of your max. Is it possible that some rolled off, then were replaced, so they’re still being counted? Granted, I don’t think it should work that way, but it might explain the shortage.

Added +20 slots, same issue for team members trying enroll first time on app

Still no reply from Cloudflare support :frowning:

Unfortunately, I didn’t see a support engineer in the Community yesterday, but if one drops in this morning, I’ll let them know about your ticket.

As it looks like you’re on a paid plan for Teams, does Live Chat work for you? It’s in the lower right corner of dash.cloudflare.com

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Hi @user69410 first of all sorry for the issues raising tickets - there’s some kind of bug with the support options you’re seeing which I’ve reported internally.

For your ticket that you have opened - our team are looking at it right now and will respond there for you.


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