WARP is here!

If you spot any issues, please report them via the :wbug: icon in the app. You can also have a look at Community Tip - Reporting issues with WARP.

If you have a question, please open up a new topic in the #reliability:1111 category and tag it #warp and we will try and help!

You can use WARP on Android or iOS.


Can assign a technician to check my problem?
It seems like Warp+ from Telekom Malaysia(AS4788) to Warp+ Singapore DC having speed issue,i can only get 0.X mbps upload speed.

You can file a bug report from within the Warp app.From the link in the first post:


Vote for Warp+ for desktop! Can’t wait to see this for macOS.


I am having the same issue from Malaysian Fibre internet via Warp+ SIN.
Reported within the app now.

1 Like with WARP Known Issues Slow uploads is a “known issue” they say.

@domjh, wondering if the WARP/Teams client for Linux is still on the roadmap? Thanks