WARP IPv6 support in MacOS

Hi folks,
I’m trying to utilize the benefits of IPv6 protocol with Zero Trust VPN connection.
My ISP does not support IPv6 natively, but I hoped that the IPv6 VPN WARP support would allow me to use it.

So I’m writing here because it’s not.

Here Safari 7.0 can't access to ipv6 address w… - Apple Community I found that macOS can only use IPv6 if a VPN connection persists in macOS Network System Preferences.
We know that WARP VPN isn’t there. BTW the livehack decribed in this discussion doesn’t work for me, looks the article is outdated.

Now, my question is: how to configure macOS to route the traffic trough the WARP VPN connection using IPv6 with no IPv6 ISP support?

Thanks in advance

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