WARP IP issue with cloudflare websites

So, I’ve been using Warp for a while and I discovered a problem a while ago, but I assumed it had previously been reported by others, but I was incorrect (i think).

However, if you have downloaded and activated warp and the website you are visiting uses cloudflare, it will provide that website a local ipv4 address rather than your true address.

Instead of the internal ip, can we obtain the warp exterior ip?

This is a known feature of Warp. FAQ · Cloudflare WARP client docs There isn’t an external Ip because the request isn’t existing Cloudflare’s network. A google search for ‘what is my IP’ will return your external egress IP address, though depending on the site being visited can change if the traffic is smart routed across Cloudflare’s edge before egressing the network.

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